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On this page, you’ll find articles on a variety of topics, from concert reviews to police budget cuts.
The Waveform Expressionist style in journalism relates to the emotional impact of it stories — articles that are meant to be provocative, yet socially responsible.

The Boys in Blue Are in the Red

In this article, the effect of budget cuts on a police department’s ability to respond to the needs of its citizens is examined.

Few victims expect to call the police to find the number has been disconnected. Fewer still would feel comfortable if, after returning home to find they’d been burglarized, the police took over an hour to respond. Yet that’s precisely the dilemma facing many cities across the country. Budget/staffing cuts have departments scrambling to police effectively, as community relations atrophy.

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Assisted Migration

One solution offered by ecologists to aid endangered species is assisted migration. Animals are moved from one location, where they are threatened, to another, where they will presumably be more successful. This Op/Ed article explores the ramifications of such actions.

Few now question the impact of global warming, but less clear are acceptable methods of preserving endangered species in that changing climate. Assisted migration is a radical solution with potentially dangerous side effects, raising more questions than it hopes to answer.

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The Future of Journalism

Here, I muse upon the decline of the newspaper and the rise of the internet.

Multimedia approaches to journalism may be necessary for it to thrive. Writer Clay Shirky states, “There is no general model for newspapers [to use] to replace the one the Internet just broke.” He adds, “Society doesn’t need newspapers. What we need is journalism.”

In terms of content, that may mean more specialization. Newsweek writer Daniel Lyons laments, “The typical daily newspaper…tries to provide a little bit of everything – politics, sports, business, celebrity stuff – and as a result, it doesn’t do anything particularly well.”

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Fitness Fright: How to Completely Fail Your New Fitness Program

I interviewed three local fitness trainers to brainstorm what they felt were the most likely causes of people not following through with their weight loss goals during the holidays. Diet and exercise in the media can be confusing, so I wanted to speak to experts in the field.

Failing to meet your fitness goals is not only frustrating and depressing – it’s downright frightening. You may be haunted by stares you’re getting in public, but forget how everyone at the gym is seeing you. Just imagine, for a moment, what your personal trainer’s thinking!

Don’t board up the windows and lock yourself in the house quite yet – they’re here to help. It’s tempting to surrender to the horror, but personal trainers from the active state of Colorado are ready to share their cautionary tales with you. There is hope in fighting the power-walking dead. Avoid falling victim to these three ghastly fitness habits.

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No More? Patton and Company's Last Hurrah at the Palladium

This article details the last U.S. tour dates of Faith No More, an influential rock band known for mixing a variety of music styles.

Faith No More’s two-night U.S. farewell at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 was emceed by a midget. It featured opening performances by a dancing magician, a full Mariachi band, and a monster mask-clad punk band who were book-ended on stage by go-go dancers. So it was all business as usual for this highly influential and eclectic band calling it quits.

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The Rules of Engagement

Students today face many distractions, which puts a burden on teachers to keep them involved in the classroom. For this article, I spoke with teachers and students at a local community college to hear the challenges they faced on both sides of the education battle.

Today’s college student may work several hours a week to pay tuition. He or she may have children to tend, errands to run, or appointments to keep.

Once they’re in class, students can be distracted by these other commitments. So when a teacher goes that extra mile to involve students and keep their interest, the students notice.

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The Artist Reframed

Two Colorado Springs sculptors describe their styles, and end up defining themselves in this gallery exhibit review.

One man finds his muse in stone, the other in a junkyard. One is shy to discuss his work, while the other is all too willing to completely unravel the process behind his mad scientist projects. Trying to pin down why Larry Terrafranca and Robert LeDonne share the same spotlight in “The Figure Re-framed” Student Gallery exhibit at Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) is not an easy task, but it was the challenge presented to those in attendance at the “Meet the Artists” session on October 28th.

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